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Application of Intent

The Application of Intent may be submitted at any time and there is no deadline.

The Application of Intent is used to evaluate an applicant's education to determine if it complies with the Public Accountancy Act and the Board's Rules. It is also used to allow the Board an opportunity to complete a background investigation of the applicant.

The Application of Intent expires two years after submission to the Board, unless the applicant takes the CPA Exam within the two years.  If an applicant does not take the CPA Exam within the two-year period, a new Application of Intent is required and the applicant must meet the education requirements that are in effect.

The Application of Intent may be submitted under any of the following conditions:

NOTE:    By submitting this application you acknowledge that you are subject to the Public Accountancy Act (Chapter 901 of the Occupations Code), the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy Rules of Professional Conduct, and all other rules promulgated by the Board. Any violations of the Act or its rules prior to licensure could be cause by the Board to take disciplinary action against you as an applicant, candidate, certificate holder, or deny the issuance of a CPA certificate.

Public Information: During the course of applying to the Board to take the CPA examination and to become a Texas CPA you will be required to provide information about yourself. Some but not all of the information may be shared with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) for the sole purpose of determining your eligibility to test.

To comply with Chapter 552, Texas Government Code, known as the Public Information Act, specific information about Texas licensees, candidates for licensure, and CPA exam applicants is deemed public information and available upon request. A person's name, mailing address, and primary telephone number is defined as public information and must be released when requested. If the Board fails to comply with a request for public information it could be subject to criminal sanctions.

The Board takes seriously the safeguarding of private information about its applicants.

Review, complete, and print an Application of Intent package.