Texas State Board of Public Accountancy
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Board Rules Providing Special Accommodations for Military Service Members, Veterans and Spouses

The following Board rules recognize the need for special accommodations for military service members, military veterans and spouses of military service members in the Board's licensing requirements.

Board Rule 515.3 (License Renewals for Individuals and Firm Offices)

Board Rule 515.5 (Reinstatement of a Certificate or License in the Absence of a Violation)

Board Rule 515.11 (Licenses for Military Service Members, Military Veterans and Military Spouses)

Board Rule 521.3 (Fee for Certification by Reciprocity)

Board Rule 521.7 (Fee for Transfer of Credits)

Board Rule 521.9 (Certificate Fee)

Board Rule 521.12 (Filing Fee)

Board Rule 521.14 (Eligibility Fee)

Board Rule 523.113 (Exemptions from CPE)