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Proposing Rules

Prior to the Board’s adoption of a Rule or the revision of an existing Rule, the Board’s proposal is published in the Texas Register.  The Texas Register publication contains the complete text of the Rule along with an invitation to the public to comment on it.  Persons wishing to comment will have at least 30 days to do so.  Following the comment period, the Board considers the proposed Rule along with the public’s comments.  If the Board adopts the Rule without substantial changes, it then files the Rule with the Secretary of State’s Office and the Rule is published as adopted in the Texas Register.  The Rule becomes effective 20 days after it’s filing with the Secretary of State’s Office.  

The Board Rules that are currently being reviewed can be viewed on the Texas Register section of the Secretary of State’s website.  After linking to the site, the current and previous issues of the Texas Register can be viewed.  Announcements along with Rules changes for other state agencies will be listed in theTexas Register. Board Rules under review will be listed under the title TEXAS STATE BOARD OF PUBLIC ACCOUNTANCY.

Comments on Rules can be directed to the General Counsel as follows:

J. Randel (Jerry) Hill
General Counsel
Texas State Board of Public Accountancy
505 E. Huntland Drive, Suite 380
Austin, TX 78752-3757

General Counsel

(512) 305-7854

(512) 305-7848

September 14, 2023 Board Meeting - Proposed Rule
The Texas State Board of Public Accountancy proposes an amendment to §527.5 concerning Deficient Reviews.

Upon on a finding of deficient peer reviews, current Board rules provide for a three-year suspension of attest work by a licensee. Upon the expiration of the three years, the suspension is automatically lifted without any demonstration by the licensee they are now competent to perform attest services. The proposed rule revision will eliminate the three-year suspension and require a licensee to have a third-party CPA review the licensee’s work prior to being authorized to independently offer attest services to the public. Only upon a recommendation to the Board by the third-party reviewer will the Board consider reinstating their ability to offer attest services to the public.